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Welcome to the Indiana Learns Eligibility and Enrollment page.  Students that qualify for the program must meet all of the following requirements:

Currently enrolled in 3-8 grade and attending an Indiana school:  Qualify for the federal free or reduced lunch program. Scored below proficiency in EITHER mathematics or English/Language arts on ILEARN in the spring of 2022.

To check eligibility, please enter the STN and student's birthdate.

Looking to find details on your student's ILEARN scores?

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Please enter your student's STN & Date of Birth

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You can look for your student's STN in the following places:

  • Student Tech Dashboard(s) (most commonly, this will be Canvas or Clever)
  • Your student's report card
  • Your student's IEP (Individualized Education Plan), if applicable
  • Your student's 504 Plan, if applicable
  • Your student's ILP (Individualized Language Plan), if applicable
  • Hard copies of your student's files (available at the school)
  • Your student's ILEARN/IREAD/IAM test results
  • An attendance report for your student
  • Your school's internal academic documentation
  • Your Free/Reduced Meal Service documents, if applicable
  • Your Transportation Routing documents
  • Your student's login to 1-to-1 device (STN is sometimes used to login)